Raising Achievement for Disadvantaged Groups - Date TBC

Session 1 - Identifying gaps and understanding pupil needs - (90 minutes)

Gaps in academic performance are often symptoms of social and cultural inequality. This session explores how schools can overcome barriers to raising achievement and develop personalised interventions by gaining a fuller understanding of pupils’ individual needs.

  • Understand what national data tells us about achievement gaps, particularly for those in disadvantaged groups
  • Consider what school data tells us about our achievement gaps
  • Explore the importance of raising achievement for all pupils rather than simply ‘closing gaps’
  • Identify the needs of pupils by understanding soft as well as hard data 

Session 2 - Understanding the barriers to raising achievement  - (90 minutes)

This session explores some of the barriers to raising achievement and supports participants to consider four key areas:
  1. Engaging parents and families
  2. Understanding pupils’ complex needs
  3. Pupil transition and progression
  4. Staff knowledge and awareness of the needs of pupils in key groups

  • Review what has been learned from the inter-session task at the end of session 1
  • Consider what research tells about the barriers to raising achievement  
Session 3 - What works in raising achievement? (90 minutes)

This session will explore the potential strategies that can be used to raise achievement and narrow gaps. It will specifically focus on:
Strategies which will have an impact in the classroom
Approaches which support social and emotional learning and build resilience
Ways of raising the aspirations of our pupils

  • Feedback on some of your findings from the research on barriers to raising achievement
  • Build on the work done in the self-evaluation to plan strategies for raising achievement
  • Review three key, research-informed strategies for raising achievement 
Session 4 - Evaluating the impact of strategies to raise achievement (90 minutes)

This session brings together all the learning from sessions one to three and provides an opportunity for participants to plan an action research project in order to raise achievement. It explores how action research should be set up, monitored and evaluated and explores the role that lesson study may play in this process.

  • Understand the importance of accountability of all staff for closing gaps and raising achievement
  • Explore strategies for monitoring and evaluating the impact of actions to close gaps 
£55 per session
Total £220