Supporting, Engaging and Empowering EAL Pupils - Date TBC

Do children with EAL flourish academically and socially at your school?
This course will help you support this diverse group of pupils, by helping your staff:
  • Confidently assess pupils’ stages of language acquisition
  • Equip themselves with practical, evidence-based strategies to support children with English as an additional language at every stage of language acquisition
  • Gain a deeper understanding of social and emotional factors that affect pupils’ learning  
Session 1 - Understanding the complexity of identifying and providing for pupils with EAL - (90 minutes)

  • Examine definitions of EAL and the definitions of terms associated with it. 
  • Explore theoretical models of second language acquisition, and learn how to identify a pupil’s stage of language acquisition.
  • Consider the complex emotional and social needs of EAL pupils 
Session 2 - Supporting new arrivals with English as an additional language - (90 minutes)

  • Explore the needs of new arrivals
  • Gain more knowledge of the first language assessment (FLA) process to develop your practice
  • Learn practical strategies for supporting "Code A" EAL learners  (new arrivals to the country)
Session 3 - Maximising progress - (90 minutes)
  • Apply the EAL assessment codes and develop an understanding of what these mean in practical terms
  • Trial, critique and reflect on a range of practical strategies for supporting EAL learners
  • Examine your own school practice and identify ways in which you could develop it to better support EAL learners in your school

£55 per person per session
£165 in total