De-escalation & Positive Intervention Awareness Training (3 Hours)

Schools are low risk service settings, where staff may need understanding and support when de-escalating challenging behaviour. Any restraint is usually a last resort.

This course covers: personal safety, non-verbal and verbal de-escalation communication strategies, positive handling techniques (if needed), theory and guidance to ensure the recording and documentation of events, including an examination of the legal framework with respect to physical intervention by school staff is an integral part.

The Aim of the Course:
All group participants are competent and confident in their understanding of;

  • Differences between and the terms of anger, aggression and violence in children and their common causes
  • Effects of anxiety in relation to anger in children
  • Understand the law in terms of ‘the use of force’ 
  • How to approach and respond to parents with concerns of challenging behaviour
  • The use of behaviour modification, behaviour chain analysis,   
  • Individualised plans of care and recording events
  • Breakaway techniques and de-escalation skills
  • Links to professions and when it is necessary to use outside expertise

Flat Rate Fee £500