Food Hygiene Awareness Training (2 hours)

Location: School Based
This is a 2 hour course, which can be provided after school, or during the day.

Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage states that all staff involved in preparing and handling food must receive training in food hygiene.

Food safety is very important for childcare, as children are a vulnerable group and can be more seriously affected by food poisoning than adults.

Anyone involved in food processes within schools or as part of childcare provision must undergo adequate training to enable them to meet food hygiene regulations and keep food, and the children who eat it, safe.

Course Objectives:
  • the importance of food hygiene in preventing food poisoning
  • essential facts about bacteria and their growth requirements
  • increase understanding of sources of bacteria, and the importance of personal hygiene
  • the importance of working in a clean pest-free environment, and to acquaint staff with the relevant legislation
  • to be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the need for food hygiene in their own work place. 

£400 Flat Rate
Per person price on request